Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets Vent

Ok so this is not exactly money related but bear with me. So, I didn't get any tickets this year. I got my check back with the note sorry blah blah blah, oh yeah preseason games are available. Well yeah I bet they are. I don't want to go to a preseason game. It's just a televised scrimmage where the starters play at most half the game but usually only 1 quarter.

This bites. I mean really. Tickets are really hard to get unless you know someone who's not going to the game or willing to go to a scalper. The only way to buy tickets is through the team. You can't go to ticketmaster or anything like that. Most of the tickets are for season ticket holders. Ok fair enough, can't argue with that. The rest are first-come first-served type of deal. By the time they got my order form all games were sold out.

Yeah I know I know...Super Bowl champs blah blah blah. These tickets are always hard to get. Tickets are always sold out. And you know what? Turn on any game throughout the season and look at all of the empty seats. People that don't show up or leave the game early. Better luck next year.

Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Ok vent over!


Wow, wow, wow. I can't believe it. It's been over 2 months since I updated my blog. I really haven't thought much about it. I didn't think anyone was even reading it. Well, I was wrong.

A couple of friends have emailed me asking me why I haven't kept my site up to date. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As I said, I didn't think anyone was really reading it. They told me that they liked some of my articles and to please continue writing. Nothing like good old flattery to get the juices going again!

I'll try to get in here at least once every two weeks for an update. Sometimes more often, sometimes less often. I have had a hectic time as of late, so the updates may be sporadic. But I will make a more concentrated effort to post something, anything. So keep reading, and I hope you're enjoying the articles I've written.

Feel free to leave comments or email me with feedback. Also, if there are any subjects that you would like to see me cover, let me know.

See ya soon!