Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can becoming Cisco certified help your career?

My cousin is in the IT field. He absolutely loves it too. That really helps if you love your job. Who wants to have a job that they don't even like. IT is one of those fields that you have to love though. It's so detailed and involved that if you don't love what you're doing, you will burn out very quickly.

Everyone knows that experience is really important in this field. But did you know that Cisco certification can be a huge help? If you become Cisco certified you qualify for much better jobs. Not just in terms of money (although that helps), you get better assignments too. You could work for one set company like my cousin. Or you can become a contractor like my uncle and make the really big bucks. My uncle gets to go to different places to work on their computer systems.

Having your certification gives you credibility. It says that you know your stuff, but it also says that you have what it takes to study and complete a very challenging course of study. I think we all know that studying for a certification test won't be easy. I know one test that my cousin had to take had at least 5 different parts or more. It also took several months for him to complete. He took college type classes to study for the test. The best part is that his company paid for the courses and the exam. He was extremely lucky in that aspect.

Once you're finished though, it will all be worth it. Then you can travel the country or even the world putting your new skills to work doing a job you love.
Sponsored by Cisco

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I won a pack of gum

I won a pack a few months ago. I won another pack today. The funny thing is that I can't find the other coupon so I missed out on that pack. As soon as I get this coupon, it's going right into my purse for my next weekly shopping trip.

I want my gum this time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids love vending machines

Kida love vending machines almost as much as adults in office buildings. Sometimes they feel like they need a snack to get them through the rest of their day. Unfortunately with childhood obesity rates, everyone needs to really watch what their kids are eating.

YoNaturals is the first company in the country that offers Healthy Vending for Schools. The machines carry healthy and organic snacks for the kids. The company sets up the machines, delivers the products and creates specialized menus for each school.

If you're on the PTA or the board of your childs school, consider getting a YoNaturals machine. Let's keep our kids healthy.

Someone stole my soda

Again! It's the third time it's happened. I know who it was though. Someone saw the person walk out with a drink that had a certain marker on it, that marker happened to be mine. I mentioned it to their supervisor and manager.

I don't know what will happen but I know it's not cool. Bring your own darn food to work.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let Joseph Baniak help with your resume

In order to make more money, you need a better job. What's the biggest prohibitor of people finding better job? You got it, their resume. Your resume is a potential employers first glimpse into you and your abilities. You want to go into it with the best resume possible. Doing so will make the best first impression you can.

But where can you get help with your resume? You can get it from Joseph Baniak's website. What makes him such an expert? Well, check out Joseph Baniak's resume: Joseph Baniak served tours of active duty in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq and retired from the military with the rank of Major.

He devoted 14 years of honorable service as an Officer in the United States Air force. He performed a wide range of duties including project management, procurement, mission coordinate and small group leadership. Major Baniak is a nationally recognized public speaker and delivered many keynote speeches while on active duty. He holds a top-secret security clearance.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm glad I just got paid

Because I am out of cash. I never spend my paycheck until the weekend after payday. If I'm out of cash on payday, then it's tough cookies until Saturday. I don't know why I've set myself up that way, I just did.

At least I have some extra cash now. I hate not having any money at all in my pocket.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I never thought of doctors as tech geeks

You always want a knowledgeable doctor but most people don't even think about where they get that knowledge. Of course they learn everything in medical school. But what happens after that? What if you go to the doctor and need a prescription. Then the doctor remembers that you're already on another medication. Now what? Well he can pull out his handy Smartphone or PDA to use his PDA medical software to find out that possible drug interactions. He wouldn't even have to leave the examination room to get to a computer to do it.

More than 50% of doctors use PDA's or Smartphones. That's why companies like Epocrates Inc make information that can be downloaded onto the device for fast, easy access by the doctors. Epocrates recently launched a free software reference guide for Blackberry's while working on a downloadable guide for IPhones.

I like the idea that doctors are digitally connected. Get me in and get me out without leaving the room. Now that's service!

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I found money in my purse

I usually don't lose money in my purse. I usually know exactly how much I have within a few dollars. Yesterday I reached into my purse during lunch for a dollar because I wanted a piece of fruit. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out a $20 dollar bill along with the $1 dollar bill. I don't remember when I took the money out of the bank or when I put it in my purse.

I wonder where it came from or how long it was in there.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Help wipe out Alzheimer's

What are you doing this fall? You are walking in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk right? It's held every year one weekend in the fall. C'mon you can do it because it's only 2-3 miles long. The length of the walk depends on your particular city and route. Here in Pittsburgh the walk generally lasts the whole 3 miles. And considering there's a walk being held in over 600 communities, there's one close to you.

There are multiple purposes for this walk. It helps raise awareness of Alzheimer's. It also raises funds for support, care and research.

Now that you've decided to walk, why not become a team captain? You can hand pick your team and canvas your area for donations. The best part of picking your own team is that you can motivate and challenge your fellow walkers. The motto of the walk is "Together We Can Move A Nation!" Why not help move a nation and volunteer for your walk as a captain. You'll be glad you did. Have fun and support a great cause.
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Utility fluctuations

Ugh I hate when my bills fluctuate. I like to pay the exact same amount each month. This month my electric is much higher than it usually is. Next month it will be even more. Luckily I have extra money in my account to cover such instances but man do they suck!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dinner and a movie

Temp-image_1_1John and I go out to dinner a lot. That's all we usually do though. We eat and go home. Boring right? We're going to start a new tradition. We'll have dinner and go out afterwards. It could be a movie, the museum or anywhere. It's just to do something different.

There are a few movies that I'm really excited about seeing. One of them is WarGames. It's the 25th anniversary edition coming out on July 24th. I can't believe it's been that long since I saw that movie. I remember my 80's movies very well. My favorites were ET, The Last Dragon (which is so cheesy now!) and The Breakfast Club. I still watch most of them on cable when I can find them.

I just saw WarGames a couple of weeks ago. The special movie is cool because it will have special never before seen features. It will also preview the new movie WarGames: The Dead Code. It's only available that one night (7/24) though as a special screening. The funny thing is I remember everyone wanting to become a tech geek after seeing this movie. Some of those people have it made now because they're making a ton of money.

This should be a fun date for us because we both like this movie.
Sponsored by NCM Fathom

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I can't even get an eye exam

I just wrote several posts about buying glasses for less than $8.00 per pair. I wanted to go to my eye doctor and get my contact lenses. Then I would get my prescription and order my glasses over the internet. How about this though...I can't get a appointment before the end of August. And we all know the doctor's office will be crowded because of the kids going back to school.

I guess I need to start looking for a new eye doctor.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I told you it was a good deal

Did you see the article on Zenni on Fox? It's about I told you it was a good deal. I mean who really sells prescription glasses starting at only $8.00 per pair? Once your store makes it onto the news, you've hit the big time. But the prices are not increasing which is cool. Check them out and get awesome glasses at great prices.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My class is closed

I only have a few classes left in order to be done. There is one class that's required by my major and it's closed. That's not even the worse part though. I can take the class in the spring but it will be a writing course. The material itself is horrible and boring but to have a bunch of reports due will be really bad.

I think I'm going to try to throw myself on the mercy of the professor and see if he'll let me in the class anyway.

It's time for new glasses

I only get glasses once every 3 or 4 years. I get new contacts every year but I don't splurge on glasses. I don't wear them very often so I don't like paying a lot of money for them. I found which sells frames directly from the manufacturer. There is no middleman and virtually no advertising budget. What does that mean for you? High quality frames without the ridiculous markup.

Now my only dilemma is what color to get.

Now it's time to pay for fall

It seems like I'm always paying school. It's like a never ending battle. I just paid for the summer and now fall tuition is already due. In all fairness, summer was only 6 weeks so I was actually taking my last class before the balance of my tuition was due.

I have 3 payments for fall. I'm only taking one class though. I hope the other class I want opens up. That would leave me with only 1 class in the spring instead of 2.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Free blog advertising

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Helpful hints with GPT

I just told you how to use a get paid to try site to your advantage. My biggest piece of advice would be to not cheat! If you cheat, your entire account will be forfeited! You'll do all of that work and not get paid for any of it. The worse part is that you'll get all of this extra mail for nothing. Your signups won't be considered invalid, you just won't get paid.

If you have any questions about how gpt's work ask me. I'll explain the best way I can.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

I need to get this post out of the way

This is my 666th post. Yuck! I just want to hurry up and get it out of the way. I'm not really superstitious but I don't like this number by any means either. So this is just a quick little post to get it out of the way.

This post is over and so is this ungodly number.

Run your business from anywhere

Servora_squareThat's right anywhere in the world. Even if you're a small or mid-range business. You can operate your business from anywhere in the world. Going on vacation and worried about your e-commerce site? That's where comes in. They can integrate everything into one system that cuts costs, offer convenience and creates efficiency. Try their new on demand application today and run your business from anywhere.
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I got some new sports gear

I won a prize pack from the lottery. One of the items is a authentic Ryan Howard Jersey in white and red. It's a nice shirt too. The letters are sewn on and it's pretty heavy. I just don't know how I'm going to wash a red and white shirt without ruining it.

I guess I'll have to wash the shirt by itself.

Looking for a side gig

I'm always looking for a new way to make extra money. I have 3 classes to pay for and I don't have the money. One of my friends always have me doing her hair and suggested that I go to cosmetology school. You need a license to do hair but it's a short program. Since I'm pretty good at it, I don't worry about how hard it would be. Regency helps place their grads in upscale salons, for runway shows and for cruise ships. I could definitely learn to love doing hair while cruising the world.

It's something for me to think about. At least I would be doing something that I like to earn extra money.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My car is going in the shop

I wanted to put my car in the shop this weekend. However the shop told me that they would keep it all 3 days. Umm I don't think so. I'll wait until next week and take it in. I need a lot of stuff done. It's going to cost me upwards of $600 this time. I've had the worse luck with this car.

Sometimes it just pays to wait and buy new. Used cars suck!