Friday, October 16, 2009

This economy is really troubling

It's troubling because it seems to be getting worse. The dollar is losing value and that's even more worrisome. There are a lot of personal finance experts that are hedging their bets against the dollar. One of the ways they are suggesting is to buy precious metals like gold and silver. Gold seems to be at a all time high and keeps going higher. However silver is a much safer bet right now especially ingots which are commonly referred to as bullion.

Above ground stockpiles of bullion are low while world demand exceeds production. While silver selling at a discount, demand is climbing and experts expect the prices to really jump. Who wouldn't want to profit from silver like everyone did from gold?

All you have to do is contact Monex and let them do the buying for you. It's time the little guy hedges his bets like he big guys have been doing for year.