Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping around for car insurance

I recently switched insurance carriers. My old carrier was gouging me like crazy. My insurance was crazy expensive. One of my friends heard how much I was paying and told me that I could get insurance for much cheaper. She told me to look for low cost auto insurance online and gave me a website to look at. I compared rates with several companies and made the switch a week later.

Now my insurance is much more reasonably priced and I have the same coverage. A win-win if you ask me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Verizon wants all of your money

One of my coworkers wants DSL. We only have Verizon as an option here. She doesn't use their phone service though. So instead of getting the $19.99 rate, they're offering her $29.99 unless she switches phone service. Which also costs more since Verizon costs more than her existing home phone service.

I told her to keep shopping around. There's bound to be a better deal out there.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I had some of the work done on my car

Some but not all of it. I can't afford it all right now. When I got in the car yesterday the oil light was on. So I went and got that done and some other smaller things done. I haven't had a auto body repair done, even though I need to.

Having a car is super expensive some times.

I can't believe school is starting

Already! It seems like the summer just started. I didn't even do anything all summer except take 1 class. It seems like the summer was a total waste. I don't even have enough money to pay for school yet. I have to shuffle some money around to pay it off.

I'll make it happen though.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I need work done on my car

Speaking of my blowing my budget, I need to have some work done on my car. Yeesh! I know it's going to set me back a pretty penny too. I need auto body repair for a few scratches and dents but that's not what's going to set me back. I need to have my car totally repainted.

My exes ex scratched my car. Not just in one or two spots either. She walked around the car so it's really bad. I just wish I could prove that she did it so I could make her pay for it. But I can't so it comes out of my pocket. Grrrrr.

I had the best sandwich today

Oh my goodness. I love chicken sandwiches especially grilled chicken. But not cooked on the usual flat grills in restaurants. The ones they cook over a regular grill with coals. It gives it that grill smell and taste.

I might just get another one tomorrow. Budget be darned.

I thought he said "Where's my sign?"

I knew it was crazy. I'm standing in line buying alcohol for the family reunion so I'm thinking that I have no need for a sign.

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But that's not what he said. He was using one of the oldest pick-up lines in the world. He literally asked "What's my sign?". I looked at him in shock really. I just couldn't believe anyone would ask such a stupid question and really expect a serious answer. That line wasn't even good in the 70's let alone today. So what did I do? I tossed my hair that looked like it had was a Extreme Style by VO5 and told him that my sign was "stop". Then I just walked away doing my best switch and shimmy with my best "I'm all that" attitude.

If you go online, you can play a game called the Ultimate Flirting Championship. This guy could not have played the game because he had the worse lines. If he had played, I'm sure his approach would have been much smoother. They have some great lines on that site. So guys, please check it out and play the game before you start trying to use corny lines on a woman.

Maybe it was the fact that I was buying alcohol that made him use those lines. Maybe he thought I was already drunk and he could pick me up. I don't know but he was the ultimate in lame!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I did go to the store

And I bought clothes too. I got the cutest outfit. It was a pair of really dark (almost black) jeans and a blue top. I'll either wear it with my black patent leather sandals or my silver flats that I haven't worn yet. Either pair will look really cute.

The best part is that I spent less than $25 for a complete outfit. I love getting cute clothes at a decent price.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Maybe I should go into the store instead

Sometimes it's not in my best interest to buy clothes online. I'm thinking I should go into the store instead of buying it online. That way I can try on the clothes before I by them. I have long legs and pants don't always come in long. Or some companies think 32" is long when I need at least a 34" inseam.

That's one of the reasons I hate shopping. It can get so complicated.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Well here's somewhere that I can go

I just said in my last post that I hoped to save some money this coming week. I won't need the money that I'm supposed to use for lunch since I don't have to work. I also have enough food at home that I won't need to go out unless I want to. Of course, I'll probably have a salad from a local shop. Since I won't use my lunch money, I'll keep it and use if for myself.

One of the things I can do is to buy some new clothes and shoes. I just realized that I only have enough shirts to last 2 weeks. Then I'm wearing the same shirts over and over again. If I go to Try it out - mix shoes and clothes together on, I can buy both clothes and shoes from one site. I can mix and match the outfits and everything will match perfectly.

One of the things I hate is when I try to buy shoes to match a outfit. Then when you get them, the shoes are off a shade or two. This company specializes in selling clothes that match so I shouldn't have that problem. I love having shoes that match my outfits and this should be a big help.

It wouldn't hurt to have a cute outfit for work.

No shopping this week

I have enough food to last me for the next week. I'm on vacation and going out of town so I really don't need much. I'll get home in enough time to shop for the next week. I just hope I don't burn through my money and I can save some from next week. Then I can buy something for myself.

I didn't stick to my list

I went shopping last week but I didn't even remotely stick to my list. That's a bad thing because I need to watch what I eat. I need to lose this weight and eating junk food is just not going to cut it. I've thought about lapband doctor cincinnati since it's close but I'm scared of surgery.

The fasting and exercise isn't helping. I may need a jump start.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I need a list

I have to go grocery shopping some time this week. I need to make a list of the things that I need. Not so much so I don't overspend but so that I don't forget anything. I need light bulbs because I just used the last one today. The last time I went shopping I was supposed to get extra bulbs but I forgot them.

I definitely won't forget them this time.