Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I haven't decided if I'm going to New Jersey or not

I just don't feel like taking that long drive. But since almost no one in my immediate family in New Jersey has a car, I would be at a distinct disadvantage if I rolled down there without a vehicle. Did I mention that they like in the sho nuff ghetto?!?!? Umm yeah, I'm surely not trying to take a bus down there.

I also don't feel comfortable staying at anyone's home. It just feels weird if it's not my house or my mom's house. That means I have to shell out money for a hotel. I did find a hotel for 2 nights that will cost around $115 but I would have to leave Saturday. I was thinking about leaving Saturday anyway but I want the flexibility of being able to leave on Sunday.

Luckily the party isn't until the middle of July so I still have a while to think about it.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Doctors have a new tool to add to their arsenal

I know most people think that doctors are perfect and everything is right at the tip of their fingers, but they need help too. Now they can use a service called Doximity to make their day a lot easier. It's a physician only network so there's no bogging down of the system. And to make it easier to use, it's available on the web, and by phone for both android and the I-phone. Personally, I like the android system better but that's just me.

Anyway, say a physician is looking for a Spanish speaking doctor in California who treats abdominal aortic aneurysms. They can type those keywords in the search bar and Doximity will find a match for their patient. For instance Jonathan Wade DO is an example of a doctor that meets those search criteria. Once his profile comes up, the referring physician can see his profile including languages spoken and specialty and areas of interest. Doctors save so much time by having this resource at their fingertips.

This is an exciting new tool for doctors to start using.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A big bank rules in my favor

Now imagine that! I went to an atm to take money out of my checking out. But I looked at the balance first, and the machine ended the transaction. Then I started over and took the money out. But I was charged several fees for this transaction including a foreign atm fee and a fee for looking at my balance.

Normally I don't fight fees because I figure it's my fault and I just pay them. In this case I didn't realize I had to pay to look at my balance as my main bank and my smaller banks don't charge these fees. Well I called the bank and politely asked to have the fees waived. I had also made a deposit that morning so my account was back in the black. To my surprise the csr said that they would waive the fee as a courtesy and credited the small amount back to my account. I also didn't incur any overdraft fees.

From now on I'll just use the account for my small purchases and no more atm withdrawals. I'm pretty sure that I won't be as lucky the next time and I certainly don't want to press my luck.