Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A big bank rules in my favor

Now imagine that! I went to an atm to take money out of my checking out. But I looked at the balance first, and the machine ended the transaction. Then I started over and took the money out. But I was charged several fees for this transaction including a foreign atm fee and a fee for looking at my balance.

Normally I don't fight fees because I figure it's my fault and I just pay them. In this case I didn't realize I had to pay to look at my balance as my main bank and my smaller banks don't charge these fees. Well I called the bank and politely asked to have the fees waived. I had also made a deposit that morning so my account was back in the black. To my surprise the csr said that they would waive the fee as a courtesy and credited the small amount back to my account. I also didn't incur any overdraft fees.

From now on I'll just use the account for my small purchases and no more atm withdrawals. I'm pretty sure that I won't be as lucky the next time and I certainly don't want to press my luck.


Ranch Chimp said...

Good for you Sabrina ... some bank's will work with you, but also the "fee's" thing is a big issue and milking method used by your major institution's that make's billion's overall. I dont know about all the fee's but hear from friend's about this and that, that they run into. I have convinced a few friend's to try using credit union's to do banking, and local small institution's. Beside's ... these big intl investment bank's wont hurt much (but enough) if small folk's like working class took out their money ... I mean, they make most of their money on large accunt's, corporate etc ... and intl investment's, loan's ... so the way I see it is ... I dont need them, and they dont need me ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Couple decade's ago I screwed my credit up (wrote about it too, but cant recall title or posting's off hand), basically having charged here and there without noticing, I ran up roughly $28K in card's debt and was getting nowhere's on those minimal payment's and such, luckily I live in Texas and they cant do much of anything here, but I still owed as far as I'm concerend ... anywayz ... just trying to clear this shit up took about a decade, I had lay- off's and job transfer's and what not for several year's, paying out the ass for this and that, broke between paydayz, having to take jewelry, gun's and elctronic's to pawn's shop's to get pocket money till payday, paying small interest fee's to get them back etc, etc ... I decided to not even participate in doing thing's like the past, or working like the past, and made alot of change's over the last few year's (but I changed everything too, even my diet/ eating, etc), let's just say, to not get into that cycle again.

Later Grrlll

Sabrina said...

Paying off debt is a vicious cycle. I plan on buying a townhouse next year but other than that I'm just trying to pay off what I already have.

I would love to go back to school and get a MBA but I don't want any more debt. I don't like the feeling of owing out most of my check before I even get it into my hand. At least let me get the money then blow it buying stupid stuff :>)