Friday, May 13, 2011

My hair needs help

I generally only get my hair done once or twice a year. By the time I get around to getting it done, my hair is extremely damaged. I've thought about going to a beauty school to get my hair done. Columbia beauty school would be an excellent place to go. Their students study and learn how to style hair. While there are campuses in South Carolina, Arizona and Colorado, there are none here in Pennsylvania. I could go to Ohio since a few of there campuses are only an hour away.

The reason I would consider a beauty school is because as part of their training, each student provides discounted salon services to the general public. These services are high quality and are provided under expert faculty supervision. So I wouldn't have to worry about a hatchet job since my hair is fairly long and really easy to cut.

I may just have to take a ride this weekend and get my hair done right.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 260T Harbison Boulevard – Columbia, SC 29212

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I want to open a house account

The only problem is that I don't have any extra money right now. I've been looking for a new higher paying job forever with no luck. Until I make more, I can't save more. At least not for the next year or two until I pay some debt down. Having a higher salary would just make saving that much easier.

Hopefully everything will work out and soon.