Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love free rewards

And that's exactly what you get with webloyalty. Webloyalty rewards customers for making purchases. How easy is that! Just shop like normal and I can get free stuff? That's right up my alley.

The company has been around since 1999 and has a subscriber base of over 2 million people. They increase the revenue of their clients while offering their clients customers a range of benefits. They are also on of the leading marketing services online. Their provide customized programs in every field from e-commerce to travel and other fee based businesses. What more could you want from a company?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Commuting stinks

I live very close to work. I take public transportation and I get to work in 25 minutes. If I drove I would get to work in 10 minutes. I'm now looking for another job at my same company. There are very few openings in the area where I am so I have to travel another 10-15 minutes away to our corporate offices. Blah.

Now I just have to get hired.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Pepsi game is almost over

I'm kinda sad about it. I've only won 3 prizes. A hat and 2 footballs. The footballs are NFL regulation footballs with a retail value of $79.99 each. I gave 1 of them to my coworker Susie because she gave me a lot of the caps that I used to play the game. I'm sure at least one of her caps was a winner.

Even though I won 3 prizes, I'm still disappointed with the game. I'm a football fan so I would have preferred to have a autographed picture or mini-helmet. I wish they would have let you add your caps up and get prizes based on points values. That can be bad because people can get a lot of caps quick and get all of the good prizes.

Oh well, I just have to take what I can get.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey I can deduct that

Well, I could if I itemized on my taxes. There are a ton of expenses that I could write off. Things like my internet usage and even my cell phone bill. Since I have a small home-based business these things are deductible.

However my standard deduction is larger than what I could get by itemizing. I really wish I could do both. I need all the money back that I can get.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I know I shouldn't apply for more credit

But my friend just told me that he's moving out of state pretty soon and wants me to come visit. So now in addition to flying home to see my mom, going to FL to see my aunt and uncle, I also be going somewhere else. I'm not sure exactly where he's moving yet but he said it's out west. I'll be racking up the frequent flyer miles so I might as well apply for one of those Airline Miles Credit Cards. There are several that I could apply for so I need to see what's out there.

I want to compare fees and more importantly how many miles I can earn. I don't want a card that's going to limit me in any way. Between taking all of those flights every year, I figure I could get a free ticket every two years. Can you say free ticket to Aruba.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I got paid!

Someone owed me money and they paid me today. It wasn't a lot of money but I was glad to get it. I have to turn around now and pay someone else that I owe. It's football pool time and I owe about $30 so I'll just take this money and pay it right back out.

Still, it feels good to get paid what someone owes me for once.

Have more fun in the loo with the Spaloo

I remember when I was a small child, I used to watch cartoons like The Jetsons. I used to be amazed at what people thought the future would bring. I never imagined we would get some of those products, especially something like the Spaloo.

So what exactly is a spaloo? Well, it's almost like a regular toilet but much much better. It's similar to the bidets that you find in over 80% of Japanese households. The Japanese believe in luxury and comfort so this is getting my attention already. The spaloo is much more affordable however. Instead of spending over $4k, the spaloo costs $399.

It has a heated seat with "cleaning" options for both males and females. And for the ultimate in comfort, there is a dryer setting as well. Now this is a product that I wouldn't mind testing out.


See this is why I hate having multiple blogs. I just posted something to my other blog. Lo and behold I have to move it. Never mind that it doesn't really fit this blog, it's already down. I know I should have looked at what I was doing more carefully but I was in a rush. No excuse I know.

I need to start paying better attention. I'm doing double work.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

People are so vain

The economy is starting to slow down. But in the past year people have had more money than they knew what to do with. Plastic surgery is on the rise and leading the way is houston lap band surgery. If you're going to get the surgery make sure you do your research.

Lapband is reversible and doesn't cut, staple or reroute the stomach or intestines like other surgeries. It can also be done on a outpatient basis and offers a shorter recovery time. Another important aspect is follow-up care. Make sure your team offers it. You need support and care as much after the surgery as you needed it before the surgery.

Raising my 401K

I wrote in my last post that I can raise my allottment next month when I get my job increase and raise. I should have said "if I get" my raise. My department decided to upgrade us to the next job grade. I didn't get it yet. My boss pulled me aside and said that she upgraded people on seniority.

I was the last person hired in my area. That's besides the newer people that have been hired since September. Most of whom were hired at the new job grade. She also told me that she will upgrade me as soon as she can. So I don't know when I'll be upgraded. I was hoping it would be in November but now it looks like it will be December. At least I hope so.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Upping my 401k contribution

I need to put more money away for retirement but I also want to reduce my potential IRS Tax Debt. I owed the IRS 2 years ago and it was a mess. They threatened me with a tax lien for less than $1k. Don't get me wrong, it was my fault I owed the debt but they came after me like gang-busters!

Of course, the most important reason to raise my 401k allotment is to put away more money for retirement. I cashed out my account when I left my last job so it's like I'm starting all over now. Right now I'm only saving 3% but I'll raise that by a percent or two when I get my job increase next month. Then when I get my annual increase, I'll raise it again to 6 or 7%. Anything to avoid the tax man.

Exam 2 in the books

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The problem is that I thought exam 1 was ok and I didn't get a good grade on it. I passed but I thought my grade would be much higher. I'm not getting excited about this exam until I see the actual score.

Of course because Thanksgiving is next week, I'll have to wait 2 weeks to get the grade.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Not happy with school

School sucks right now. I'm struggling big time. Macro is supposed to be easier than micro, that's why advisor recommend that you take it first to help prepare you for micro. I took micro first and even though the class was hard, I did so much better in that class.

First in micro we had a lot more in class assignments and quizzes. In macro, we have 3 homework assignments, 2 exams and one final. So you have to cram a lot of information into those 3 exams. If you don't do well on one, it affects your whole grade. Where as with more assignments, you have some slack.

I will be so happy when this semester is finally over.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Residual income for cinematographers

It used to be the once a film was finished with production, the cinematographers were done making money. Now by having their movies listed in the HD Stock Video Library they can continue to make money. And since the work on so many projects back to back, they can build a large collection of work.

AlwaysHD takes their body of work and makes it available for sale and delivery over the internet. They also set the price in such a way that will maximize not only distribution but also profitability. The best part for the cinematographer is that they receive 50% of the net revenue generated by the sale of their clips and they get that money paid monthly.

It's about time the cinematographers got their due.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I need some more money

Gah, I can't seem to buy anything. I just don't have enough money for anything. Everytime I think I'm going to get a few extra dollars, something falls through. I thought one of my family members was going to finally pay me what they owed me. No such luck,

I could really use that money too.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Short term loans

I've never taken a payday loan, but I know quite a few people that have. I was surprised when I found out one of my coworkers took one. He makes a decent salary but said he always found himself short of cash. He got one of those No Fax Payday Loans. He said he could get up to $1500 and the money was deposited to his checking account. So there is no waiting for checks and having them clear. The money was immediately available.

He got the money he needed to get him through his short term cash crunch.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Are cheap car payments possible?

I was talking to my coworker and mentioned that I might have to get a used car because I didn't want a high payment. He said that his car is 4 years old and his car payment is less than $200. When he told me that, my jaw dropped. I seriously didn't think it was possible to get a car for less than $250 per month. At least not a new car.

But he bought his car brand new, and it's a automatic. I hope I can find something that affordable.

Car shopping

I might be getting my car sooner rather than later. I was shooting for next year but I might actually get it the end of this month. I've been looking online for Honda Car Quote, Dodge and Chevy quotes. But I'm really leaning towards a Hyundai.

I can get 2 free car quotes, so I'm looking at a Accent and a Elantra. The site will also give me the wholesale price of the car. That way, I can look at the wholesale price as opposed to the sales price and know where to start my negotiations.

I just hope the rest of my money comes in so I can get this process started.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

November is awesome

Why? Because instead of 1 holiday off, we get 2. Yeah baby. I love those bank holidays. We get President's Day next Monday and then Thanksgiving Day.

I'm not doing anything for President's Day weekend. I may go to Atlantic City and stay the night but I need to really budget my gambling and spending money if I do go. I'll stay home for Thanksgiving because I have to work that Friday afterwards. I don't have seniority at my job so I don't get those days off anymore.

That's ok though. I'm just happy to get extra days off from work.

More updates to my apartment

My management company is updating my appliances and carpeting. So I'm going to upgrade some of the other things in my apartment. I'm starting with the bathroom. I plan on changing the color scheme to blue. It will be from light blue to dark blue. I need a new carpet and toilet bowl set. I'll also get fabric shower curtains in blue. The one I found says it's royal blue but it looks almost turquoise to me. Check out this shower curtain and let me know what color you think it is.

Anyway I'm excited about this. Especially since it's becoming fall and into winter. If I keep my bathroom bright airy colors, it won't be so depressing in here while I'm anxiously awaiting spring to come back.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The holidays are fast approaching!

Geeze, I'm not ready at all. I'm not doing anything for Thanksgiving because I have to work that Friday. It sucks because I don't have seniority at my job and I don't get that weekend off anymore.

I am going home for Christmas but I'm waiting for 2 more weeks to get my plane ticket. I have to hurry before the fares go up.

I hate my school right now

My major is not business-related because I want to be done with school sooner rather than later. Instead of going back to my tradition university, I should have considered capella university. I could have studied at home and majored in one of their bachelor degree programs. I would have chosen business because that's what I really want to study.

The most important thing is that their program is accredited so the degree would be recognized. It wouldn't just be a piece of paper. I could always choose to get my graduate degree online. I just need to finish this program first.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm still bummed about school

I didn't even go to school today. I just didn't feel like it. I got to work on time, looked at my coworkers then looked at all the work on my desk. I heaved a big sigh, threw my bookbag down and decided that I wasn't going to school. Towards the end of the day, I debated going then decided not to.

I'm still bummed about my grade on my test. I mean I go to class every week, take good notes and studied like crazy. I still got a sucky grade. I might as well stay home and just read my book on my own.

iFloor offers a $1,000,000 warranty

How's that for backing your product? I've been talking a lot about the updates that are being done to my apartment building. One of the reasons the building managers were unwilling to shop online was because of a lack of a warranty for the products. Well iFLOOR is now offering a $1 million dollar warranty on flooring. Buyers no longer need to fear purchasing a product like flooring online.

Check out this press release from iFloor and let me know what you think:
iFLOOR, America's largest online flooring retailer, today announced a $1,000,000 limited warranty designed to protect its customers from predatory manufacturer policies that exclude warranty coverage from online purchases.

The policy, which goes into effect immediately, offers up to one million dollars of coverage in the event that a customer's warranty claim is denied specifically because they made their purchase online. It is complimentary for every iFLOOR customer, and protects the buyer under the same terms as the original product warranty.

iFLOOR, Inc. CEO, Steve Simonson, came up with the program to combat "scare tactics" used by manufacturers of hardwood floors and laminate flooring. "Their idea is to discourage you from buying at a discount!" wrote Simonson in his blog "It's About Flooring". "This is not right! You deserve to save money! So we're going to take care of this problem once and for all."

And it would appear that federal law is on his side. Section 108 of the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Act, states that, "In general, tie-in sales provisions are not allowed. Such a provision would require a purchaser of the warranted product to buy an item or service from a particular company to use with the warranted product in order to be eligible to receive a remedy under the warranty."

Under iFLOOR's new warranty, a key provision allows for iFLOOR to "seek justice" on behalf of the customer in the event of legal action. According to Simonson, "I'm putting iFLOOR's money where my mouth is."

About iFLOOR, Inc.
Since 1998, has been the leading online and retail flooring company, with 36 local retail stores nationwide offering more than 70,000 products, including hardwood floors, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and cork floors. is the largest online flooring retailer according to Internet Retailer Magazine, and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States for the past three years. Committed to quality customer service, superior selection and friendly expert advice, enables customers to buy flooring both online and in its retail stores at a substantial savings over traditional retailers. For more information about iFLOOR, please visit