Sunday, November 04, 2007

More updates to my apartment

My management company is updating my appliances and carpeting. So I'm going to upgrade some of the other things in my apartment. I'm starting with the bathroom. I plan on changing the color scheme to blue. It will be from light blue to dark blue. I need a new carpet and toilet bowl set. I'll also get fabric shower curtains in blue. The one I found says it's royal blue but it looks almost turquoise to me. Check out this shower curtain and let me know what color you think it is.

Anyway I'm excited about this. Especially since it's becoming fall and into winter. If I keep my bathroom bright airy colors, it won't be so depressing in here while I'm anxiously awaiting spring to come back.


Cozy Homewares said...

Uh-oh...that picture (as of the time of this comment) is way wrong!

I'm holding the actual item. It's a medium blue with gray overtones, and not turquoise at all. It's actually a bit darker than the background on your "featured sites" arrow in the nav to the right of your site.

Time for me to put up a different pic. That one's from the manu...maybe the spec changed after they took it or something.

Sabrina said...

Ha. I didn't think I was crazy.

Marilynn - Cozy Homewares said...

Nope, not crazy! :)
I'm glad you mentioned it. I would have had those coming back at me like boomerangs if I left *that* pic up there...

I've now scanned in the one that's right on the package. The scanner picked up the satin stripes a bit much, but it's a LOT more like how this curtain really is.

Fortunately, the other pix seem to be accurate, just that one was off base. Such are the surprises that come up with a new merchant site!

Sabrina said...

Glad I picked that curtain. The royal is nice (you can see the stripes) but I liked the turquoise better. lolol