Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take Care Of Yourself

How many times do we say that to people just because we think we're supposed to? Not saying that we don't mean it, it just sort of comes out. Last night on my way home from school I ran into a old co-worker on the bus. One of her close relatives died recently and it's still a fresh wound.

We knew "A" (really what we called her) was sick for a long time. A lot of us even went to different websites like healthadel to find out about her illness and treatments she should use. We also found some neat stuff like Hyperhidrosis treatments that provided some fun facts. But "A" had a serious illness-Diabetes. "A" knew about the disease early enough to control and manage it, but she chose not too. It's unfortunate because she left behind a lot of people that really cared about her.

So folks, take care of yourself. I really mean that. Some things are hereditary other things like breast cancer can be caught and diagnosed early. Just make sure to stay on top of things. An ounce of prevention and all that jazz.

Bloggers Acting Up

I was almost finished writing this great post about the yesterday's stock market decline and investing in general. When bam! Blogger kicked me out and locked me out for over an hour. Now I've lost the post and of course I don't remember half of what I wrote. Maybe I'll write another post later on today. Right now, it's sleepy time!

Stay On Top Of Your Finances

Do you keep up with your finances? I've blogged about not balancing my checkbook for a while now. But I do know that there is money in the accounts. Keeping track of your finances is important. Today you can't get a mortgage, credit card, or even car insurance if your finances aren't in shape.

One of the first things you should do is make sure you have money in your savings accounts. You never know when an emergency will hit and you need to tap that money. You could always go for secured loans. But in the case of a true emergency, would you really be able to add another debt payment on top of all of your other bills?

Take some time this weekend to make sure your financial house is in order. If you don't know where to start, check out Nations Finance for some great articles. They will help you get on track. I can't promise it will be fun, but you will be glad that you did it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Checkbooks And Balances

I still haven't balanced my checkbook. The good news is that I did go to my banks website and make sure I had money. I also transferred money from my paypal account into my checking account.

The bad news is that I have no idea exactly how much money is in my account. Balancing my checkbook is a nightmare. I usually do it at work but I was tired today so I just concentrated on staying woke and getting work done. But mostly on staying woke. I don't think my boss would have appreciated me falling asleep at my desk. Especially since I snore when I'm tired.

Tomorrow is my busy day at work then I have school. So I won't be balancing my checkbook until at least Wednesday.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Have Done Nothing All Day

I need to balance my checkbook and study. All I've done so far is watch tv. My favorite episode of L&O is on now. There's one coming on at midnight that I haven't seen yet. So I plan on watching tv all night. So much for studying. I guess I'll do that tomorrow. My class isn't until Tuesday so I at least have another day to procrastinate and prepare. I really need to buckle down. But this show is so good, I can't turn it off.

Big News Coming From PayPerPost

I wonder what it is? They've recently rolled out some great improvements so what could it be now? First we have segmentation. Not so good for me because I have a low pr and a high Alexa rating. I need them to be exact opposite, a high pr and low Alexa.

Next, some advertisers are banning blogger blogs. Not just blogger, but all free blogs. They want people with their own domains. Not sure how I really feel about this. I can have content that is just as good or better than paid domains. I actually do have my own domain, it just isn't PayPerPost ready. I need more posts but more importantly, I need to have it for 90 days. It's only 2 weeks old, so I have a way to go.

But the new news? What could that be. I think I have an idea what it is though. I bet it's more advertisers coming on board. A lot more advertisers. They've seen the results of the power of the Posties and now they want in. And to that I say come on in and what took you so long. Of course PPP is great, look at the wonderful job the Murph Man is doing.

The best part for advertisers? Segmentation means they can tighten up the requirements for their opps. You can target high pr blogs, and blogs within a certain niche like tech or personal finance. But because you have so many Posties to choose from, your message can get out there ten-fold. You also have the added benefit of cross-marketing. You may be a tech site, but you can get your message to entertainment or science blogs. Hey, techies like gossips too. So now you have your message out in front of a whole new audience and new potential customers from all niches, and from all over the world.

While these are just my wild guesses, I'm sure that whatever PayPerPost has up their sleeves is going to be awesome. And it will not only benefit the Posties, but advertisers and PPP as well. Then all of the naysayers will have to see what a truly revolutionary tool PPP is and wonder why they didn't jump on board sooner.

Finally Something Good On TV

There's a marathon on L&O SVU. Plus, the travel channel is talking about cruises. TBS has some good movies on today. Finally, something to watch.

Crank Callers Should Be Destroyed!

I have a crank caller. I have no idea who it is. It's coming in on my cell phone. The number shows up as unavailable. I can't *69 or return their call. They usually just say stupid stuff and hang up. The first time it was funny but now it's just annoying. I wish I could block their number, but I can't. Hell, I don't even know who to block. All unknowns? My last job offer was from an unknown number. Grrr.

I wish they would crank call my home phone number. I never answer that thing.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Summer Cruise Is A Possibility

I really need a vacation. I didn't take one at all last year. The last vacation I went on was in 2005. Almost 2 years ago. No wonder I'm so cranky.

As I was looking over this site for Hotel Reservations, I noticed something. They offer cruises too! I love cruises. I know a lot of people don't but I do. First, you can eat anytime you want. You don't have to worry about restaurants closing, because on a cruise, there's always something open. You can also go to the spa, the fitness room or even a Broadway show.

In addition to looking at a cruise, I'm also looking to Las Vegas for the fall. No, I won't be doing them both. I don't have money like that! It will be one or the other. I see that I can get a room in Vegas for less than $75 a night. That's pretty cheap and the hotel is on the strip. Hotel Reservations has hotels and motels all over Las Vegas.

But I can really use them to search all of my vacation destinations. I'm trying to find an inexpensive vacation this year because next year I want to go to the Caribbean. Somewhere like Barbados or Trinidad. I'm in love with the thought of going to Trinidad. I would love to go for Carnival and if hotel reservations can get me there for a reasonable price, then I'm gone. I've seen so many places on their site that look interesting.

At heart, I'm a traveller. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to fuel my passion. My passport looks awfully bare right now. I need more stamps. I've found cheap airfares, but more importantly, I've found cheap package deals. Because I know we've all been there. You find a great deal on air, then get hosed with the hotel rates. By using this site, you can find low prices on the whole package and still have money to spend at your destination.

I'm ready to run into my bedroom, get my luggage, pack and leave right now!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello, Where's My Show?

I'm all amped up to watch Alias repeats like I do every Wednesday night. They're supposed to come on from 12am est until 4am est. Sometimes I only watch 1 episode, sometimes I watch all 4. Well today, Law & Order is on. It's 1am est and this is the second episode. I'm ticked. When the announcer guy came on, he intro-ed Alias as next, but nope. L&O.

It used to come on for 6 hours so I was unhappy when they cut it down to 4. But today it's not on at all. Grrrr. I'm already upset that I missed Without A Trace because I had to go out. I'm missing all of the shows today.

Vacation Accessories

I've already been shopping for my vacation. I've seen some great items like pentax binoculars. I found a great pair for only $85 from Eagle Optics.

Since I'll be travelling, I don't want to spend a lot of money. The binoculars will have to go in my carry on so I want something small. This pair is easy to hold for long periods of observation. And since I'll be doing all of the touristy stuff, I need something that's manageable. The included neck strap will be convenient for hanging them around my neck while walking. And at only 10.6 oz, they're very light-weight.

They come with a 30 day money back guarantee, and I can get free financing for 90 days if I make a large purchase. US ground shipping is free with UPS. I really can't go wrong ordering from here.

Can you tell I'm excited about vacation?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Getting Closer To My Goal Than I Thought

I'm loosing weight faster than I thought I would. I haven't lost major weight. But I did lose some. My clothes are fitting much better. It's not as much as I would have liked but I do see progress. It's encouraging because spring and summer will be here before you know it and I don't want to have to cover up with big baggy clothes.

My Dream Vacation

I love being able to make money online. It allows me to be able to afford things that I never would have normally been able to buy. One of the things I'm saving up for a flight to Australia now.

It's definitely my dream vacation. I want to pet the koala's, go snorkeling and watch the kangaroos up close. The Land Down Under is enticing. I'm saving for a flight separately since I want to go to Adelaide. I have a friend that lives there so they will let me crash with them.

I can't wait. I plan on going next year for spring break. That gives me a lot of time to save spending money.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Where Were These Commercials On Super Bowl Sunday?

Today is the second day that I've seen a commercial that I really like. These commercials are brand new. We could have used some of this creativity on Super Bowl Sunday instead of some of the dry commercials that we did see.

The first new commercial was for Capital One where the family is in a snow globe in nowhereville. It was pretty good. Then today I saw the WAMU commercial where all of the bankers are on the roof like they're about to jump. Then all of their wives come up on the lift. One says "But who's gonna pay for my plastic surgery?". I love this commercial.

I hope the advertisers are paying attention so next yeat they get it right.

I Can Still Grill Outdoors Even In The Freezing Cold

With this great new wireless meat thermometer. I can sit inside and the thermometer will announce when the meat is done. How cool is this? First of all, as I said, I can sit inside and the belt monitor will let me know that the food is done. This is important since it's about 15 degrees here in Pittsburgh. Who wants to stand outside and watch the food cook?

Secondly, the thermometer will let you know that the food is not only cooked, but cooked to your liking. So if you want your steaks well done, you don't have to stay outside and keep checking them. By the same token, you don't have to worry about your meat being overcooked. So you'll have perfect food every time.

Too bad my birthday is not until the end of summer because this is what I want.

Off Day

I haven't done anything on my off day. It was just wasted. I haven't even studied yet. I need to do that. I should get no less than a 12 on my quiz. I did do laundry but that was it. I'm watching tv now. I don't see that changing anytime soon. I'll probably wait until 11 pm to study.

Spring Shopping

I can't wait to start shopping. Spring will be here before you know it. I need all kinds of stuff. A new haircut and make-up to look fabulous. Clothes, shoes and sun-glasses. And I can get Prada Sunglasses at BestBuyEyeglasses. Can you believe you can find designer glasses at such affordable prices? To be honest, I was quite shocked to see such low prices. The best news is that I can afford to get more than one pair. Now to accessorize and find multiple colors. Shopping is so much fun.

I Have A Tummy Ache

I'm like a little kid. If you put a bunch of junk food in front of me, I will eat all of it. There's no saving some for later. Just munch, munch, munch until it's all gone. That's exactly what happened to me today. Pepsi, Doritos, cupcakes, you name it, I ate it. And now I feel it. I need to go lie down.

Check Out New Artists At

There's a great new site out there for people trying to break into the music biz. If you've ever considered a career as a musician, you know how hard it is to find a forum to be heard. has music from pop to Reggae Bands to hip hop, it's all here. Any kind of music you could think of.

They have a music player where you can listen to the artists music. People like Trish Monaco a folk artist. The player loads pretty fast and the sound quality is good. You can browse by genre or by artist. The link rotates artists so you won't see the same people everytime and you can find some great new music that you wouldn't have ordinarily found.

Come on and support the musicians. Who knows, maybe you can tell your friends about the next big artist that came off of

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Grokodile Community Link

This is my Grokodile Community link. It will take you to my area: Pittsburgh PA. Surf the site, find local bloggers, and have fun.

Edit: Link removed

Grokodile A New Blog Community

Grokodile is a new blog community. It lists all blogs according to your regional area. So any Pittsburgh bloggers would see my site in that area. This site is different from other blogging communities because instead of focusing on the category of your site, it focuses on your area. It makes it easier to find people that are close to you that may blog about the same thing, but at the same time, you can find people that blog about topics that are totally different from yours.

Another thing that separates Grokodile from other sites is that they don't require that you link back to them. Most other directories do. They request that you don't but don't require it. When you register, they send out a verification email. Verified sites are listed before unverified sites. It pays to verify your site, but it's even more important if you live in a big city like Philly, LA or NY.

Try this new community and drive some fresh eyes to your site today.

Friday, February 16, 2007

This Week Was Hell

I had the worst week at work. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did. The day it snowed, we had less than 50% staff. That wasn't that bad because we didn't get a lot of mail. But most teams only had 25% of their staff. The guy that talks a lot wasn't there and I was happy because he's loud. He can be nice, but sometimes mostly he's annoying because he doesn't know when to stop and he takes jokes too far.

Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday and I have a 3 day weekend. I didn't get my snow day, but I still have an extra day off.

Interactive Blogging With Free Podcasts

Did you know there was a service out there that offers a Free Podcast for your website? Yup, you can get them free with Each podcast offers up to 30 megabytes for each episode. That's a 1 hour podcast at regular mp3 quality.

They even have software that will let you record your podcast and allocate space for advertisements that you can add later. Their free software takes care of uploading for you. They have no flashy ads and best of all, no spyware! That's huge because other companies may offer a similar service, but you can best believe there will be some spyware involved.

If you have a podcast affiliated with your site, why not join and get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and free membership.

Work In Progress

This blog is a work in progress. I'm still adding and updating things. I just noticed that I don't have a next or previous button for viewing posts. So if you want to read what I previously wrote, you have to go by the month. I don't know if I want to change this or not. I really just noticed it today when I was looking around another site.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

PayPerPost Ups The Ante

And they've upped the ante big time. How many people do you know that make money blogging? I do, and so do over a thousand other people at PayPerPost.

How have they upped the ante? They've implemented segmentation recently. With the new segmentation system, high traffic blogs can make big money. There is one opportunity called the Rock Star Startup that pays $1000 for a single post. But it's reserved for the top bloggers, you have to have a PR (page rank) of 8 for this opportunity. My page rank is pretty low, I have a pr of 1 right now but I'm working to get it higher.

There are plenty of opps for posties, (that's what they call us bloggers), with lower page ranks. And they pay well too. So this makes PPP the ideal situation for a high traffic blog or a lower traffic blog. Everyone has the chance to make some extra money. And since you can post up to 3 times daily, that extra money can really add up fast.

I've only been blogging with PPP for just about 1 month now and I'm liking it more every day. Officially, my 1 month anniversary will be Saturday. Why is that significant? Well, you get paid for each post 30 days after it gets posted. That means that this Saturday, the money comes rolling in.

The service fee is only 35%. Now compare that with ReviewMe which charges a 100% markup. That's a big difference. This of course benefits us posties because you can get higher paying opps which puts more money in your pocket.

PPP does require disclosure, but it's really easy to do. Some posties choose to put a note on each sponsored post. I chose to just go with a disclosure button that appears on each page. PPP doesn't have a preference as long as you make disclosure visible.

So what are you still doing here? Get on over there and make yourself some money.

I Need A New Blog

I'm getting ready to get a new blog here on blogger. I can't find a name though. I don't want it to have my name in the title of the new blog. I want it to have a totally seperate identity from this blog. The ideas for names keep coming, but they're all taken.

The new blog will be about any and everything. This one is supposed to focus on money, investing, banking etc. but I have gone astray. So I can get back to basics on this one.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New York Here I Come

I'm planning a late spring/early summer trip to New York. The main purpose is for a baseball game. I know that tickets are hard to get. But I have friends that live there so they're going to get them for me. Since the team I want to see never comes here, I have to go there. I don't mind they're worth it.

I have other things planned during my trip. First, I'm going to a spa, then do some shopping. I also plan on seeing a New York Chiropractor. I work on a computer and I hunch over. Since my insurance will cover it, I can see a doctor. Besides, one of the doctors specializes in sports medicine and athletes get hurt, so.... Hey, I gotta meet them anyway I can.

I Want A Snow Day

I was hoping for a snow day today. I woke up and grabbed the phone to call our emergency hotline. No snow day. Business as usual. Everyone is expected to be at work. We could use an approved absence day or a vacation day. I need to save those absence days for when I really get sick. I can't take them off just because I don't want to go out in the snow. A girl can always hope can't she?

My Apartment Is Dark And Dreary

I need new lights. My apartment is so dark. I've had 3 bulbs go out in the past 2 days. I can't believe all of the bulbs are blowing out at the same time. I have a floor lamp in my living room. My living room is shaped like the letter L so half of the room is dark which is the reason for the lamp. Did I mention that I almost fell off of a chair trying to change those lights. I felt the chair moving and had to shift my weight to catch my balance.

I have 2 Bathroom lights. It's still not bright enough in there. In the morning, I can't always tell that my skin is dry and flaky. So I walk out of the house crusty looking. I have to dash in the bathroom at work and lotion my face. Crusty is not a good look.

I'm going to install my own fixtures to brighten this place up a bit. It looks sort of like a dungeon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Actually, it's downright nasty. It's snowing like crazy. Nothing like they've had in Western New York though. (I believe they're up to 100" or so) Now, on top of the snow, we're getting freezing rain. So travelling is a mess. I feel bad for people that have a long commute home from work. I live in the city and this is one of the main reasons why. When the weather is bad, I'm never more than 1/2 hr from home. If I drove to work, it would take 10 minutes. But since I go to Pitt, my school id is a bus pass so I catch the bus free.

I hope this stops soon. I don't want to have to deal with slush in the morning. Maybe I'll change my major again so I can move to a warm weather place sooner rather than later.

My Mama's Moldy

Ok. Well, her house is anyway. She moved some stuff from down in the basement and found mold everywhere. It was pretty gross from what she told me. We think it was from a flood she had a few months ago. I told her she should have a company come in and do mold testing. There is a company in New Jersey that specializes in this. And get this, they use dogs to find the mold! How wild is that? The dogs are specially trained to find the source of the mold. But she really needs to get it done soon. I don't want to go home to moldy-ville.!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Holy Moly

Look at the size of that picture. I might have to try and resize that thing. It's taking over half of my screen. And I'm still forgeting to put tags in my posts. I just don't remember until I have already published. But I won't do anything until I eat. It's almost 9:30pm est and I still haven't eaten. I'm starving.

Hey Why Not - Just Say Hi

Well it's almost here. The dreaded Valentine's Day. Well, dreaded for those of us who are single with no significant other. If you're looking for someone special or just want to meet new people check out this Free Online Dating service.

That's right, the site is 100% free. No credit card needed ever. You can look for a one time date or look for someone to build a relationship with. And here's the best part for me: if you're too shy to build a profile and/or email people, there's a forum section. The forum is a great way to meet people without the dating pressure.

I like the forum section a lot. The first section I visited was the jokes & funny stories section, of course. After all, a person with a great sense of humor is a must. They also have general discussion, a section for parents, an adult section, and a sports section. It's really a great site and since it's free you should definitely check it out.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Website Changes

I have enough problems with my website. Now one of the sites that I post for is adding major changes. I have to add all kinds of html code to my site. That's not even the hard part. They usually tell you exactly where to put the code. Cool, that's easy.

Then they start telling you about all of these changes. Of course, I have no idea what they are talking about. They add tacks to rate you, but you have no idea how many people have rated you. So my rate is a 3 but did 1 person give me a 3 or were there multiple votes?

I might just wait until they fix their bugs before I post for them again.

Who Are You?

I hate when I get those unknown cell phone numbers. They always seem to call early in the morning when I'm at work and can't answer my phone. Or I call back and it's a telemarketer. I hate that. It's bad enough that they call you at home, but now they call on your cell phone too.

Well, you can use this site Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to find out who owns the phone number calling you. You can also look up all kinds of records. You can look up criminal records, bankruptcy records, arrest records and the like. These records can be especially useful if you are thinking of employing someone as a sub-contractor and need to investigate their backgrounds. Or even a a potential mate. How about the person that doesn't have any children. Then you check him out and find out he owes back child support. Hmmm. Now you can use this site to check people out because, unfortunately, everyone doesn't always tell the truth.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I is so cold here right now. The temperature is 10 but it feels like -2 (yup minus 2). Ok now I could understand this in Chicago or Minnesota, but Pittsburgh? Geeze, it just doesn't get that cold here. It was even colder yesterday.

I didn't go to school today either. I was not about to stand outside in that bitter cold waiting on buses. I think I ran home too. Shivering all the way. Come on spring!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hmmm A New Host Perhaps?

I think I described the trouble I've been having with my online host provider thoroughly. I have had a couple of comments and plenty of emails giving me suggestions. I think I may have found something with this site: 'Name Your Price' Web hosting.

It's a site run by Their premise is really simple. You tell them the specifications that you want for your site: # of websites you want hosted, subdomains, how many MB of space, # of SQL databases and so forth. Then you can tell them what price you want to pay. There is also a space to let them send you back a quote telling you how much your package is worth.

What a concept. Pay for what you need and none of that other stuff like other companies. Your initial offer can be as low as $1.00 per month. That's insanely cheap for hosting. You also get 99% uptime, a 30 day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer service help.

The best part is they also offer regular hosting packages. The starter packages are as low as $3.98 per month. You can also buy domains names there as well. I guess I need to get over there and check them out.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Ads-No Credit Needed Blog

Check out this post over at No Credit Needed. This post sums up the entire second half of the game. I totally agree with his assessment of the Nationwide K-Fed commercial. I think this will probably be the most talked about commercial of the night.

Surf around his site. He has posts where he critiques all of the commercials of the night. It's a great site with lots of info.

Give Me Strength To Deal With This Website

I'm going crazy. I really am. I can't get my website up and running. I have a blog. I need another. But more than that I need a business site and Business Web Site Hosting. I had an online business for a while, but because I had horrible hosting, I was loosing business. My hosting just wasn't reliable at all.

I have a new host, but they don't seem to be much better. So any help that I get is greatly appreciated. This site seems to have a lot of information available. I've found some great articles to help me out. It's good to know that there is plenty of information out there to help the less tech savvy people like me.

Super Bowl Commercials Part II

The commercials in the second half seem to be a lot better. Maybe they decided to run all of the lame commercials first?

I like the Career Builder promotion pit. That was original.

The Nationwide commercial with K-Fed was good. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. When I first heard that he was getting a commercial I started with the predictable rant about "who was he" and "his 5 minutes are up". But I will admit that I liked the commercial.

The Budweiser commercial with Jay Z and Don Shula was pretty good too. Jay Z seems to have a lock on Budweiser commercials and that "Don't Hold Back" beat. That deadpan expression at the end of the commercial was a nice touch when he told Shula that the next time they played for Shula's rings.

Superbowl Commercials

I don't think the commercials are living up to the hype this year. I'm looking at every other commercial and saying "stupid", "dumb", and my all time favorite "are you serious?".

I think most of the companies should go back to their ad agencies and get some money back. It's been reported that spent over 2.5 million bucks for their spot. They better sell a lot of domains after showing that dumb commercial.

I have liked most of the Bud Light ads. The best commercials seem to be for beer and/or alcohol.

I Don't Like Exchanging Presents

I hate gift giving holidays. You know, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day. My least favorite holiday is coming up now. Valentine's Day. Yuck. Let's face it ladies, most gifts that you get from your man, are really for him. I mean lingerie, yeah that's really for you. I think he gets the eye candy pleasure from that. And it's even better for him if he gets to unwrap that gift, if you know what I mean.

Well, I have a fool-proof present this year. A subscription to Sports Illustrated. Of course he gets the vaulted Swim Suit edition featuring Marisa Miller, Molly Sims, and a very svelte Heidi Klum. I swear that woman is superhuman. She gives birth and weeks later is modeling lingerie on live television. She's my shero!

He can choose to also go to SI Mobile and get ring tones. Whenever someone calls, he can see video clips from old photo shoots. There also wall paper that comes straight from the SI photo shoots. What man doesn't want a supermodel staring back at him from his phone. Especially since they're only $1.99 each and are available for all major phone carriers. I think this is a great idea and a fool proof present this year. I just know he's gonna love it! Especially when you have women looking like the one's in the picture.

Now I'm Ticked Off!

Ok so I'm having mad problems with my hosting account. Now my domain name totally doesn't exist. They told me to change my domain to a blog account. To do that, I had to change my domain name. It takes 2-24 hours but usually 2. So they say!

It's been 16 hours and my domain is just hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, the blog account is only free for 1 month. What!!!! I have hosting so I don't need a separate blog account. I would be paying for a blog, domain name, and hosting. Oh hell no. I don't think so.

I think I'm just going to totally cancel this account and start over with another company in a few weeks. If the company put more emphasis on customer service and less time worrying about Super Bowl ads, maybe they would have happier customers.

Friday, February 02, 2007

When You Need Funny Pick Me Up

Some days I feel like this. Everything just seems to go wrong. Well, sites like this make it all better. It's a site about cartoons by Oliver Gaspirtz. I love dark humor cartoons the most.

He is a really talented artist who has been published in the Sun, National Enquirer, and the Saturday Evening Post among other papers. In 2000 he decided to publish his cartoons exclusively on the internet. He also draws all of his cartoons by hand, then scans them onto the computer and lastly they get colorized in Photoshop.

There really is something for everyone on this site. You should check it out. But be prepared to laugh. You have been warned.

WooHoo Phil!

Every year thousands of people descend upon the town of Punxsutawney PA to see if the famous groundhog will see his shadow. The town is 65 northeast of Pittsburgh with 6100 residents, but more than 15,000 people pack the streets waiting for Phil's prediction.

Since he didn't see his shadow spring is just around the corner. Considering we've had snow and freezing temperatures for the last 2 weeks, that is very welcome news.

The prediction is based on a German superstition. According to folklore:

"The Germans believed that if a hibernating animal cast a shadow Feb. 2 -- the Christian holiday of Candlemas -- winter would last another six weeks. If no shadow was seen, legend said spring would come early."

I really don't care how spring gets here, I just wish it would hurry up!