Thursday, February 15, 2007

PayPerPost Ups The Ante

And they've upped the ante big time. How many people do you know that make money blogging? I do, and so do over a thousand other people at PayPerPost.

How have they upped the ante? They've implemented segmentation recently. With the new segmentation system, high traffic blogs can make big money. There is one opportunity called the Rock Star Startup that pays $1000 for a single post. But it's reserved for the top bloggers, you have to have a PR (page rank) of 8 for this opportunity. My page rank is pretty low, I have a pr of 1 right now but I'm working to get it higher.

There are plenty of opps for posties, (that's what they call us bloggers), with lower page ranks. And they pay well too. So this makes PPP the ideal situation for a high traffic blog or a lower traffic blog. Everyone has the chance to make some extra money. And since you can post up to 3 times daily, that extra money can really add up fast.

I've only been blogging with PPP for just about 1 month now and I'm liking it more every day. Officially, my 1 month anniversary will be Saturday. Why is that significant? Well, you get paid for each post 30 days after it gets posted. That means that this Saturday, the money comes rolling in.

The service fee is only 35%. Now compare that with ReviewMe which charges a 100% markup. That's a big difference. This of course benefits us posties because you can get higher paying opps which puts more money in your pocket.

PPP does require disclosure, but it's really easy to do. Some posties choose to put a note on each sponsored post. I chose to just go with a disclosure button that appears on each page. PPP doesn't have a preference as long as you make disclosure visible.

So what are you still doing here? Get on over there and make yourself some money.

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