Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Summer Cruise Is A Possibility

I really need a vacation. I didn't take one at all last year. The last vacation I went on was in 2005. Almost 2 years ago. No wonder I'm so cranky.

As I was looking over this site for Hotel Reservations, I noticed something. They offer cruises too! I love cruises. I know a lot of people don't but I do. First, you can eat anytime you want. You don't have to worry about restaurants closing, because on a cruise, there's always something open. You can also go to the spa, the fitness room or even a Broadway show.

In addition to looking at a cruise, I'm also looking to Las Vegas for the fall. No, I won't be doing them both. I don't have money like that! It will be one or the other. I see that I can get a room in Vegas for less than $75 a night. That's pretty cheap and the hotel is on the strip. Hotel Reservations has hotels and motels all over Las Vegas.

But I can really use them to search all of my vacation destinations. I'm trying to find an inexpensive vacation this year because next year I want to go to the Caribbean. Somewhere like Barbados or Trinidad. I'm in love with the thought of going to Trinidad. I would love to go for Carnival and if hotel reservations can get me there for a reasonable price, then I'm gone. I've seen so many places on their site that look interesting.

At heart, I'm a traveller. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to fuel my passion. My passport looks awfully bare right now. I need more stamps. I've found cheap airfares, but more importantly, I've found cheap package deals. Because I know we've all been there. You find a great deal on air, then get hosed with the hotel rates. By using this site, you can find low prices on the whole package and still have money to spend at your destination.

I'm ready to run into my bedroom, get my luggage, pack and leave right now!

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