Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take Care Of Yourself

How many times do we say that to people just because we think we're supposed to? Not saying that we don't mean it, it just sort of comes out. Last night on my way home from school I ran into a old co-worker on the bus. One of her close relatives died recently and it's still a fresh wound.

We knew "A" (really what we called her) was sick for a long time. A lot of us even went to different websites like healthadel to find out about her illness and treatments she should use. We also found some neat stuff like Hyperhidrosis treatments that provided some fun facts. But "A" had a serious illness-Diabetes. "A" knew about the disease early enough to control and manage it, but she chose not too. It's unfortunate because she left behind a lot of people that really cared about her.

So folks, take care of yourself. I really mean that. Some things are hereditary other things like breast cancer can be caught and diagnosed early. Just make sure to stay on top of things. An ounce of prevention and all that jazz.

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