Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crank Callers Should Be Destroyed!

I have a crank caller. I have no idea who it is. It's coming in on my cell phone. The number shows up as unavailable. I can't *69 or return their call. They usually just say stupid stuff and hang up. The first time it was funny but now it's just annoying. I wish I could block their number, but I can't. Hell, I don't even know who to block. All unknowns? My last job offer was from an unknown number. Grrr.

I wish they would crank call my home phone number. I never answer that thing.


Sick of Debt said...

Your cell-phone company should be able to help you track down the caller, just because caller-id says "unavailable", doesn't mean that they don't have the number it's coming from.

If not, there's always the police. =)

Sabrina said...

You're right. I might have to call my provider, T-Mobile, with this.

I don't think the police would be as understanding though. =)