Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who Are You?

I hate when I get those unknown cell phone numbers. They always seem to call early in the morning when I'm at work and can't answer my phone. Or I call back and it's a telemarketer. I hate that. It's bad enough that they call you at home, but now they call on your cell phone too.

Well, you can use this site Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to find out who owns the phone number calling you. You can also look up all kinds of records. You can look up criminal records, bankruptcy records, arrest records and the like. These records can be especially useful if you are thinking of employing someone as a sub-contractor and need to investigate their backgrounds. Or even a a potential mate. How about the person that doesn't have any children. Then you check him out and find out he owes back child support. Hmmm. Now you can use this site to check people out because, unfortunately, everyone doesn't always tell the truth.

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