Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can becoming Cisco certified help your career?

My cousin is in the IT field. He absolutely loves it too. That really helps if you love your job. Who wants to have a job that they don't even like. IT is one of those fields that you have to love though. It's so detailed and involved that if you don't love what you're doing, you will burn out very quickly.

Everyone knows that experience is really important in this field. But did you know that Cisco certification can be a huge help? If you become Cisco certified you qualify for much better jobs. Not just in terms of money (although that helps), you get better assignments too. You could work for one set company like my cousin. Or you can become a contractor like my uncle and make the really big bucks. My uncle gets to go to different places to work on their computer systems.

Having your certification gives you credibility. It says that you know your stuff, but it also says that you have what it takes to study and complete a very challenging course of study. I think we all know that studying for a certification test won't be easy. I know one test that my cousin had to take had at least 5 different parts or more. It also took several months for him to complete. He took college type classes to study for the test. The best part is that his company paid for the courses and the exam. He was extremely lucky in that aspect.

Once you're finished though, it will all be worth it. Then you can travel the country or even the world putting your new skills to work doing a job you love.
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