Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Have you tried Linked In?

I've been using Linked In for about 18 months now. A friend of mine from my old job introduced me to the site. Everything is all about who you know and that's where Linked In comes into play. It's a networking site that plays the six degrees of separation game.

I only have 1 friend on the site but my network is over 60 people. Your network reads your profile and you interact with one another. You can find people in the same profession or just in the same city with the same job or in the same industry. I found George Divel because of his affiliation as a financial advisor. That's the next move on my career path so I'm trying to make contacts now. My first move is to find people in that profession and then wheedling them down to my personal contacts.

It took me a long time to understand that connections are important in your career. Now that I know that, it's time to make those connections.

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