Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why couldn't I find a gold coin?

I couldn't even believe that it really happened but it did. It just seems too good to be true. A local woman went to a vending machine and gold a pure gold coin with her change. No not a regular gold dollar that you can get from the bank. She got a gold collectible dollar out of the vending machine. She gave it to her local school as a donation and they sold it to a local dealer. The school got over $900 for that coin.

You can't even buy those coins right now. Gold is in short supply so there won't be anymore gold coins minted until the reserves are built back up. Right now the best place to go is to Monex for your gold coins. They have a in-house reserve that you can buy and have sent to you. Or they can arrange for a depository to hold it for you.

I guess that's my best bet as well since I can't count on gold falling from the sky, or the vending machine either for that matter.

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