Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweepstakes are not as fun as they used to be

I used to love entering sweepstakes. I made sure I went to every website that I could and entered almost every sweepstakes that I could find. If I wasn't interested in the prizes I wouldn't bother. But if there was even a marginal interest, I was all over it. Lately I can't even be bothered to enter them at all. There are some that are only a email submission but I won't even do that.

I think part of it is because my computer is acting up. At most, I can usually spend about 45 minutes on the computer before I have to shut it down, wait a half hour then start again. Maybe once I get a new computer, I'll have fun with it again. Or until I win something really cool. Then I'll be all over it again.

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