Monday, March 01, 2010

I need to put my tax refund to good use

I got a much larger refund than I anticipated. I had some tuition tax credits that I forgot about so I got over $1100 when I thought I would only get around $300. Huge difference that I can really use. I really want to put the money to good use. The value of the dollar is decreasing and the interest rates on cds and money investments is lower than the cost of inflation. Right now I want to buy gold bullion to add to my portfolio. I think gold is really cheap right now and it will make a great investment.

Gold is at a two week high right now while the value of the dollar decreases. Most people ignore gold and precious metals for their portfolio and only think of it as jewelry. I'm going to buck the trend and add some of the shiny stuff to my portfolio and watch it grow.

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