Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sending my daughter to an out-of-state school

Guest post written by Tom Thurman

There have been a lot of things that I've worried about for my daughter's sake over the years. It's simply worrying about her growing up and getting all that she hopes for and dreams about. Right now I'm worried about her starting her freshman year of college. She starts classes in just a few weeks and I'm dropping her off for freshman orientation right before her classes begin.

I've been working a lot on getting all of her stuff together before I take her to school. While we were looking up some last minute things like her class schedule and general college tips a few weeks ago, I ran across the website WIRELESSINTERNET.net. After I looked through it some, I decided to change over our home internet service to one of the packages that I found on there.

I think that we have her as prepared as possible for her life as a college freshman. I'm just not sure that I'm prepared for it. But I don't think that I can do anything to prepare myself for it. I'll just have to deal and look forward to parent weekend.

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