Thursday, January 10, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions

First let me say that this is posted across all of my blogs so if you're following my blogs (especially my blogger blogs), you'll see the same exact posting.
My goals are :
  • Increase my liquid savings by $2,500-3,000.
  • Add 1 $250 CD bringing me to 6 CD's. After I get my liquid account to $3,000 all additional savings will go into the cd's.
  • Add $300 to my stock account.
  • Save up at least half of the amount for my bedroom suite. With 24 months same as cash I'll be able to pay it over time.
  • Close on my house no later than July. It should be sooner but I could push it back a few months.
  • Lose 1 pants size. Sure why not! It never happens but whatever. 
  • Save $1,000 for moving expenses and trips home. I have to go home at least 3 times this year including getting my stuff out of storage.
Nice and short. Hopefully I'll meet most of them.

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