Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am definitely taking a vacation in 2010

I haven't had a real vacation in almost 3 years. I did go to Vegas in 2008 but that was just for a few days and it wasn't really relaxing. I wasn't able to take a vacation at all this year. Well I'm determined to remedy that next year. I've been looking into All inclusive family vacations because I want everything paid for up front. All I want to do is show up and not have to worry about paying for anything.

The Riviera Maya has several great all-inclusive hotels for me to choose from. I'm leaning towards the El Dorado Royale Resort. They have private suites with outdoor ceiling-free showers. They also have King-sized jacuzzis with window-front views and also junior sweets with air conditions and ceiling fans. This resort sounds so relaxing to me right now.

I'm going to get started saving for this right now. Hopefully I can go next year during the month of November. I am so excited already and I have almost a year to go.

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