Friday, October 28, 2011

I can't wait for my cell phone contract to expire

Ugh I feel like they're gouging me. They have a new plan that I can't switch to because you don't get the equipment discount that I get now. Since I got a new phone last year and added my niece to my plan this year, also getting her a phone, I have to wait until next year before my contract is up. Technically it won't be up but if you're within 5 months of your contract ending, they don't hit you with a early termination fee.

Once my contract ends, I'm going with a plan that is a little cheaper than I pay now. I'll save about $35 per month if not more. As far as phones go, I can always grab a cheap phone from somewhere. I do love my phone but I can get by with anything similar, I don't need the newest model.

Hopefully these next few months will fly by and I'll have a newer, less expensive plan before I know it.

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