Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Author: Jonathan Suarez

My husband is in the military, and he’s currently stationed overseas. For obvious reasons, this is very hard on all of us. I know he misses me and our two children, and it’s hard for us not knowing what’s going on over there. We do our best to email back and forth as often as possible, and we have become dependent on Skype as well! It’s so wonderful to be able to see each other while we’re chatting, even though we’re thousands of miles away! We don’t always know when he’ll have the opportunity to use a laptop, so I’ve started taking mine with me everywhere, just to make sure I’m ready to talk when he’s available. We’re so lucky that with our new wireless internet I’m able to connect to Skype no matter where I am. That has been such a huge relief. I no longer have to worry about racing home from the grocery store to make sure I don’t miss his call—I just pop my laptop open while I’m sitting in the parking lot! It’s such a wonderful way for us to stay in touch, and there is nothing the kids love more than to see their Daddy’s face!


Ranch Chimp said...

Great to hear about especially the technologies when it come's to our troop's abroad and being able to see who their talking to, and that mean's alot to those serving especially. I dont have a laptop, but do have the wireless set up as well, because my daughter and her boyfriend (I live with my daughter) use their laptop's here all the time, I just have a basic desktop computer, and it's the first I ever owned or even worked on, only for this blog/ journal deal ... I bought it like back in 2008, so I reckon it's getting kinda old now. Frankly I still dont know much about computer's and really never taken much interest in them, I'll learn as time goes I reckon. But I am thrilled that our troop's (I am very pro- veteran too) have this technology especially.

As far as these current war's of today or whatever they call them in the media's ... I have one niece in Afghanistan and one in Germany, both US Army ... and a nephew who just got out within the last couple year's who was a Marine Sgt, served 3 tour's in Iraq.

Talk to ya later Sabrina!

Sabrina said...

I have a laptop now.. I love it. But I'm moving next year and I'll probably get another desk top with dual monitors. We use them at work and I love looking at two screens. It helps get things done faster.

Tell your relatives thanks for serving!!!

Talk to ya later!