Monday, March 05, 2012

Applying for a new job

I just applied for a new job. That's nothing new because I've been applying for several months now (actually a lot longer but I won't go into that). This job is different because it's a semi-good fit but it's external.

It's only a semi-good fit because I have the knowledge that they want but I don't have the degree that they want. I do have a degree just not in their preferred field. This is such a tough job market that people with Master's degrees are taking what are normally entry level jobs so I'm not holding my breath to get a call.

The external part does worry me a tad bit. I'm used to the corporate culture where I work and the thought of going to another company does scare me a tiny bit. But at the same time, I refuse to just sit back and stay at a job that isn't offering me anything. I may not get another job any time soon but it sure won't be for lack of trying.


ranch chimp said...

Hey Sabrina! The4 jobs thing, dont worry about it if you dont have to, and dont get over- desperate on something just because of tight time's ... the degree thing to get a gig/ job? Well ... I agree, too many are shelling out too much money for career's and aint getting jack as far as job's, and alot has to do with what toen you live in, demand's etc, I mean, I know a couple folk's with eduacation and degree's out the ass, and aint making squat, at the same time folk's with bachelor's, making great bux and benefit's. Everything is a "game" now Dear, so the sharper you stay hip to the move's the better ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it's a hustler's world : ) I was offered a couple job's here and there but didnt take them, and only because of people I know and worked with was I offred them. A old buddy and I from the printing industry at the end of 2011 started hustling/ bidding on printing job's and working commission's off that ... it dont take too much of my time, and bring's in a few bux and whatever hustle I got on the side. At my age also (56) I dont waste much time on work as I did when I was younger, folk's look at your age ... even though I am in better shape now, than I was even 10 year's ago (physically ... but I work at it too). But I see so many really busting ass over the job's, not as much in Texas though, because it's so loose here and so economically diversified.

I understand your struggling, but never let it get to you psychiologically, just cut back on expenses if you need to, well, at least as much as possible ... the job market right now has folk's by the ball's. Maybe you can get a couple tip's from your husband as well for advice, without worrying him too much, just in small chat ... the last thing a fella in the trenches want's to worry about is his familia. Job's now are checking not only your credit I hear, but everything else, the competition is tight and they got the creme of the crop to choose, lot's of ass kissing to be done, etc (you know what I mean) I dont mind having to wear a suit or tie if I have to, but I dont feel like cutting my hair either, and it's past my shoulder's in length these dayz, which is frowned upon big time in the standard job market's.

ranch chimp said...

Oh BTW, sorry about how my I.D. show's up, I have to type in my name, so it dont link or whatever to my site, my usual with the photo come's up saying "BR" over and over a few time's as a name ... I screwed up something the other night when I changed my template on my blog, I dont know what I did, but I screwed up, I'll get it fixed soon : )

One thing that you do have as advantage on the job thing and not sweating it ... here's the deal like you said ... if they give it to ya great, if they dont, think of it like a bus ... "miss one, catch another", you also dont have to worry about being too over qualified, in other word's some folk's are getting turned down left and right, because too much education and background, they like to get the most bang for their buck, people like you can advantage ... but the pay and level may not be what you like, you get me? Plus the woman thing, statistically, women work harder and cheaper these dayz then men, and their not as picky ... job's know this.

Anywayz, later Sabrina, take care ....

Sabrina said...

I do try to look on the bright side of things. But sometimes it's hard. I have a job and a lot to be thankful for. It's just hard keeping that in perspective sometime.