Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A fancy little birdhouse for our garden

Guest post written by Roberta Tiemann

When I like to do something, I like to make sure that the result of it is perfect. You can call me a perfectionist, for sure. So I'm that way with craft and household projects. I felt like taking on a new project myself and decided that it would be a great idea to try and make a fancy little birdhouse that I would be proud of for years. Not a standard little cheap one.

Like with any project I take on, I like to do a fair share of research on the best way to approach it, so that's what I did with this one too. When I was researching how to make a high-quality birdhouse, I saw the site and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to use it to help settle our family's debt. We've had it for a while and don't want to be haunted by it for any longer than necessary at this point.

I found this really awesome fancy birdhouse example and I can't wait to try and make it for our home. I can't wait to make it and put my own little twist on it.

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Ranch Chimp said...

Actually Sabrina, I need a birdhouse, and have recently thought of it, so it's a coincidence to see this post. I'm not a bird watcher or anything, but have alot of bird's, especially at this time of year on my patio/ yard, in the tree and on a 6'ft wooden fence I have around it ... and just thought to myself, that I need to give these lil critter's some lil place, since they come by so often ( I have some beautiful rose bushes that are blooming this week too!). I also have a new neighbor that took a liken to me, and just strolled into my living room one day because I had the door's open, I was online, wearing a pair of short's and all the sudden felt a licking or something on my thigh ... looked down and there he was all snuggled up to my leg ... found out his name is "Rex" ... he's a fairly tall light tan PitBull ... but he know's me by smell now (not that I stink : ) and has been a good buddy : ) You have to say thing's to him though in Spanish, not english, to get across to him as far as communication.