Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why I stayed so long at my last job Part II

I just realized that I wrote this post months ago and never posted it. Better late than never I guess.

After staying at my job for 1 year and waiting for the perfect opportunity for another year I decided enough was enough.

Nothing was happening for me so I started to apply for any and everything. If I met the qualifications I applied. But now I was dealing with a post-merger company. The company was bought didn't have a lot of turn-over in their positions but they adapted to our culture really fast. Since most of them had been in their positions for years, they were considered better candidates. There was also the "we already know who we're hiring, but we have to post the job anyway" syndrome. It was bad.

I had to fight for another 2 years before I got the job that I have now. Out of all of the jobs that I applied for, I only had about 5 interviews. One job I lost to a friend, on a side note I'll never tell anyone else about the interview to give them a leg up on me again. Another job they wanted someone who would stay long term and they could tell that I would move on. The other jobs just went with better candidates. It was an extremely frustrating process.

Now I'm in a good place with a job that I think has a lot of potential for growth and that makes me very happy.

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