Friday, June 14, 2013

I won't give anyone a heads up on a job again

Basically a friend got a job over me. I was more qualified than she is but she gave a better interview. The reason? Because I told her every interview question ahead of time. While I had to think on my feet and not have a good experience, she was able to coast through and seem like a dream to the manager.

She caught on to the job and is progressing nicely. She's also leaving in a month so they still need someone to fill the spot. I will not apply and interview for the job again. Although she's doing a good job now, I already knew how to do the job. Now instead of having someone that would have stayed for several years, they got one and done.

It worked out for her and not for me. But if someone else is in competition with me for a job again, I will not hand them the job over me. Not again.

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