Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shopping with my stimulus money

Do you like the bedding in the photo? I love blue so I'm contemplating on it. I need new sheets bad. One of my sets got ripped in the washer. I think the sheets wrapped around the agitator and as it whipped the sheets, it eventually ripped them. Both the bottom fitted sheet and top sheet ripped with the fitted sheet getting the worst of it.

I only have 2 good sheet sets now and summer's coming which means I have to change sheets way more often. My solutions are to wash sheets more often (not likely with school) or buy more sheets (a much better proposition in my book). I've been looking at the Waverly Felicite Cornflower Collection. It's price is fairly reasonable considering it's a comforter set. I also need a queen set which generally costs more.

The set comes with a comforter, bedskirt and 2 shams. Because it's a soft blue and white set, I can get sheets from anywhere and in almost any color. Just looking at the picture I know I can get cornflower, blue, cream, white, and off-white sheets. I could probably get by with gray or graphite sheets as well. There are a lot of options with this set.

At least I'll be spending my stimulus money on something I really need.

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