Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I need a new pair of sneakers

I don't like to shop that much. Maybe it's because I'm trying to lose weight or maybe it's because I have a ton of clothes that I already don't wear. I don't want to add any more clothes to my closet to just sit there with tags on them. That's why I usually buy everything from the internet. I get clothes, sneakers, a ipod and a mp3 player. I also bought my laptop online and it was much cheaper than I could have gotten it in the store.

Now I need a new pair of sneakers. Mine are very worn and dirty looking. They also don't feel that good on my feet anymore. It looks like the front of one shoe is about to totally crack off. I don't even remotely know how I did that. I probably bumped my foot against something but I'm not sure. I'm looking all over the internet for the 2008 thanksgiving specials. I could care less about Christmas shopping, these purchases will be for me. The best part though is that since I'm shopping during the height of the seasonal rush, I'll reap the benefits of the shopping discounts.

I'm especially interested in eastbay coupons because that's where I always buy my sneakers. They have a large selection and the best prices on the shoes. Then when I add a coupon to my order, they are cheaper than going to a regular store.

I just don't know what color sneakers to get. I do know that they will be either all white or blue and white.

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