Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spending that extra money

If I have extra money from food or utilities, it goes into my slush fund. Once the slush fund reaches a certain amount, I use the money for something that I want but wouldn't ordinarily buy. Something like Miami Heat tickets or Yankees tickets. Tickets to the games are so expensive that I can't afford to go. But when I do decide to go, I want good seats for all of the money that I'm paying. So I go online to a premium ticket broker and get excellent seats. I figure if I'm going to dish out the money, I may as well have a good seat.

I can get tickets to sports events, Vegas shows or even to the theater. I buy almost everything online. You get a much better selection than going to a regular ticket office. Who really wants to pay all of that money and sit in peanut heaven? I sure don't and if you want good seats, get online and get them now.

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