Tuesday, June 17, 2008

John and his medical drama

2 weeks ago one of John's eyes started swelling. First it was under the left eye. Then it was the right top lid and then under the right eye. He went to the eye doctor and it's allergies of all things. It's scary because the last thing you want to mess with is your vision. The doctor went through his medical drug reference software and came up with 3 different drugs for him to take. Actually it was 2 drugs and an eye cream.

The doctor actually pulled out his pda and made sure the 3 drugs wouldn't interact with each other before he finished writing the prescription. He was probably using software by Epocrates. With Epocrates software downloaded onto a pda or smartphone, a doctor can immediately access the information needed to make prescribing decisions – such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage. Unfortunately John's coverage didn't pay for the eye cream but it did pay for the two pills.

His eyes are clearing up now and I'm glad that everything is back to normal. Now we just have to figure out what he's allergic to.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

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