Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Searching for money for school

I use the internet for everything, especially if it's education-related. I work full-time so it's often difficult to do things before or after work. Most places have the ubiquitious 9-5 hours. Considering that's the bulk of my day, it's the internet to the rescue. Searching for college scholarships is not exception. I look online at least once a week for scholarships.

The search engine at Scolarship.com takes your information and tailors it's results to your specific situation. That makes it easier to use because you know you qualify for everything it brings back. Even though I can't find anything for me right now, there's are two contests to win scholarship money. Even if I don't find a scholarship elsewhere, I can at least enter these two.

Any money I can get would be awesome because school is expensive.

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