Monday, June 02, 2008

Stimulating my jewelry box

I hardly ever buy myself really nice things. I mean I do buy stuff for myself like clothes and shoes and the occasional purse. But that stuff is mostly for work anyway. It's not like I buy nice trinkets, iwc watches, or designer shoes.

The economic stimulus check is going to change that for me. I still have a little money left over from my check that I'm going to use to buy something nice for myself. I love jewelry but I don't get to buy it very often. My last purchase was some diamond stud earrings while I was on vacation...last year. They were inexpensive but very pretty.

I was cruising around the Vialuxe website and saw some awesome jewelry including this really pretty bangle bracelet. It's pretty plain, just a simple band of gold. But it's 18kt and really rich looking if you know what I mean. There is something so elegant about 18kt gold jewelry. It has a different look and texture to it than regular 14kt gold.

I decided that if I'm going to shell out money for jewelry, I'm going to make sure it's a piece that will get noticed. I don't want to be noticed for some outrageous design, but I do want to be noticed for a great piece of jewelry.

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