Friday, August 24, 2007

Would you move for your job?

Now if you're an average person making less than $40k per year, you're probably thinking heck no. But what about those people making significantly higher salaries? I'm talking in the range of $75k-$100k per year. I think a lot of them would consider it.

My uncle definitely falls into the latter category. He's moved several times in the last several years following the money. He's a computer systems coder and his skills are in demand. Right now he lives in FL but they're thinking of taking a job and going back to NC. He's looking into wilmington nc real estate. The thing they like about NC is that they can get a house starting from $150k-$400k for an average house. It's way more expensive where they are now.

As long as they get enough bedrooms for me to visit, I don't care where they move to.

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