Sunday, October 14, 2007

Build instead of buy?

Would you rather build a house or buy an existing home? I'm not in the market right now, but I am leaning towards building my own. First of all, I can get exactly what I want. If I want 3 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, I can get that. Ok, that's a bit extreme with but you get the idea.

Sometimes you're constricted in the amenities available unless you design the home yourself. From cabinetry to carpentry, all of the decisions are yours. Do you want wood or laminate flooring? How about glass or ceramic tile? It can be mind boggling with all of the choices that are out there. There are places online like Floorzbuzz that can help with your decisions. Because they sell products wholesale, you'll save a ton of money and you have a variety of products to choose from.

That's one of the main reasons why I'm trying to save all of the money that I can. I know that building a home will be expensive and the last thing I want to do is cut corners. Save money and keep prices low, yes. Be a cheapskate and buy cheap materials? Definitely not.

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