Sunday, December 16, 2007

I can't wait to go home

One of the first things me and my mom are gonna do is hit the casino. We usually only go to one of 3 casinos in Atlantic City. We also play at online casinos while I'm at her house. I take my laptop and we both play at the same time to see who can win the most money.

One of the ways I decide where to play online is to go to a site that reviews online casinos. I prefer to go somewhere like Online Casino Topic that provides new articles keeping me abreast of the latest news. I can also find out other information that players need to know.

Things like payout percentages, and screenshots of the sites that are being reviewed. That way if I go to a site, I can tell if it's the one I read about. A lot of times, there will be 2 sites with a very similar name. By seeing a screen shot I will immediately know if I'm on the right site or not.

That won't be the only thing we do while I'm home. But I do know it will take up the majority of our time. We'll go to Atlantic City for a good 2 days. Plus play online another day. It should be fun.

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