Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ugh I hate the dentist

I've always hated the dentist. Since I was a little kid. And it's not just the cost either although that is a factor. I have very sensitive teeth and visiting the dentist is horrible for me. They always want to floss your teeth for you. My teeth are very tightly packed together and it hurts to have that floss between them. They have to ram it down in there to make it fit. Then my gums start bleeding. I hate it.

I'm also sensitive to extreme temperatures. It doesn't matter if it's very hot or very cold, it irritates my teeth. My dentist recommended a special sensitive toothpaste for people like me. My dentist has said that it's partly from gingivitis. I've tried Biotene before and it does help me with the sensitivity issue.

It also helps me to not have a dry cotton mouth. That is so annoying too. It seems like no matter how much water I drink, my mouth is still dry. Biotene helps eliminate that problem as well. The toothpaste is really sweet. They say they sweeten it to help fight cavities and bad breath. It kills the bacteria that grows in your mouth that causes bad breath. That just sounds gross. With all of the extra health benefits that you get from using the product, you almost forget that it's a regular toothpaste too.

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