Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I was late for work today

I was almost 20 minutes late for work. I missed my bus and had to catch the one after that which is usually crowded. It was actually packed. People were crammed on the bus from the front to the back so I couldn't get off. I had to ride way past my stop, get off, cross the street and catch a bus back to work.

Now let me explain why I couldn't get off of the bus. There were so many people that I would have had to push and squeeze past at least 25 people. Yes I did count. The last time I did that I twisted my knee and it's still giving me problems 2 weeks later. So now I try not to catch that bus or any bus that's super packed.

I have to make up the 20 minutes sometime this week. But I won't work through lunch. The heck with that, I need to eat!

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