Friday, December 14, 2007

I miss my truck

Now first let me say that I love my car but it's weird driving it after having had a truck for so long. Even though it was only a baby suv, it was still a truck. I have to learn all kinds of things over. Things like actually using the mirrors on the car.

Pittsburgh is hilly. On certain roads when you come down a hill, I could just look over and see if I needed to yield to a car coming down the hill. I can't do that in my car. I actually need to turn all the way around and use my mirrors. It's really hard to get used to.

I also had a step bar on my truck that I could step up onto to get in. My car sits low so I can't avoid dirt getting on me and my car like I could with the step bar. I also track a lot more dirt into the car because I could wipe excess dirt, mud or snow onto the bar before I got in.

I should just be thankful that I have a vehicle right?

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