Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coin offers in the newspaper

I always see offers to buy a gold coin in the newspaper. You don't have any commitments and it's a one time deal. I'm afraid to take advantage of the offer because I'm afraid the quality of the coin will not be what I expect.

I think gold coins are more of an investment than just something pretty to look at. The value of gold rises each year. So I don't want to get coins that are scratched or won't get graded well. The grading of coins determines the value.

Did you know that a coin that has never been touched by human hands is worth much more than a coin that was handled by human hands? The oils on your hands remain on the coin. When you buy coins from reputable dealers, those coins have never been touched. I don't know too much about the dealers in the paper so I won't buy from them.

I know there are reputable companies out there for me to buy from. I'll have to research them and make a good solid decision.

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