Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weddings are expensive

One of my coworkers got married recently and she spend a ton of money on her wedding. She hosted it as a backyard bbq so one of her major expenses was food. The food was delicious by the way. Almost all of it was homemade.

To cut down on expenses Susie made her own wedding invitations. She created them on the computer and bought colored envelopes to put them in. There weren't any bridal shower invitations because this was a 3rd marriage for both the bride and groom. She did go to a store to buy save the date cards. Susie and C are both very religious so their cards had a religious theme to them.

I've always joked that I wanted to run away to Vegas and elope. Whenever I hear how much money people spend on their weddings, it becomes more of a certainty instead of a joke. Well, first I need a groom though. At this point, it's more wishful thinking than anything else.

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