Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm glad I never let anyone host my blog

I've been reading about a hosting nightmare. Someone who is a horrible host has shut down a fellow blogger.

Angie wrote that she might give her daughter Benadryl on a long road trip. She didn't write that it was suggested by her daughter's pediatrician. And she shouldn't have had to. Administrator A decided she didn't like what Angie wrote and suspended her blog. Not asked her to explain and/or remove the post, just suspended her. Her blog is now "suspended" for two weeks. Angie can't even get to her old posts.

As a fellow paid blogger, I feel bad for her. Her paid posts are being rejected because someone else is on a power trip. The administrator could have just locked her out of the blog as a suspension instead of taking it offline. That just sucks.

If you don't learn anything else, don't let anyone else host your blog. Yes, even blogger. Both of my blogs started and remain on blogger, but they also have their own domain name. Once my domain names get as highly ranked as blogger, I'll totally shift away from blogger.

Edit: I took the link out of this post. The offender shouldn't be rewarded with a link. The site is www (dot) rainbowofwords (dot) com

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