Saturday, September 15, 2007

I need to save money on my student loans

I thought my job was going to deny my tuition reimbursement. I have a coworker who is also in school and the department only has so much reimbursement in the budget. I was sweating bullets waiting for the acceptance paper to come back. Luckily I go it today.

I also had to call my bank to get student loan consolidation papers. The payments are way too high. If I consolidate my student loans into one payment, I cut my payments in half. I need that money to pay for the classes that I'm taking now.

The best thing that I read about consolidating my loans is that I can get a reduction in the interest rates for using automatic payments and for making so many consecutive on time payments. Hey every little bit helps.


Nonsense Means No Cents said...

Nice work! I shopped around a bit for my consolidation but didn't find much variation until one offered the "consecutive month payment" deduction in rate.

Just stumbled onto your blog- I'll be reading more!

Sabrina said...

Thanks! I try to save money where I can.