Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Maybe we should go to Las Vegas

John and I were talking about vacation again last night. We really want to go on a cruise but since we'll both be in school this year we won't be able to afford it. I wouldn't mind going to Mexico or Jamaica but that will be expensive too. After we went to Wheeling the other night John suggested Las Vegas.

He doesn't gamble but I reminded him that there is so much to do in Vegas besides gamble. We can visit the casinos to see the different themes, shop in the stores and boutiques or go to one of the many events that are always in the city. There are magic shows, sporting events and concerts galore. Or we could always get tickets to the Pro Bull Riders. We're both city people so to see real bull riders would be a treat. Imagine walking down the strip and seeing real cowboys. That would be crazy.

I know they have the show there every year. It's one of Vegas' annual events. I keep trying to tell him that there is so much different stuff to do that he doesn't have to worry. The Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam also come to mind. Of course, I'll send him out exploring and site-seeing while I gamble. After all, it is Las Vegas!

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