Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping for new glasses

It's time to reconfigure my budget for the year. I'm short in some areas and over in others so I have to move some money around to make the numbers balance. I get new glasses every two years and this is the year for a new pair. I found somewhere online to get them really cheap. My Great Discovery: sells only their own brand of glasses and they start at $8.00 per pair. Umm, that's complete with prescription. Shipping is $4.95 no matter how many pairs you order. So for all of the fashionistas that have a different pair of glasses for every day of the week, you can have 7 pairs of glasses for less than $75.

I have to get my prescription from my eye doctor. I know he'll be ticked because he can't sell me his frames with the 200% markup anymore.

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Anonymous said...

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