Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taxes and school

Every time I turn around I found out something different about my taxes and school. First I got the letter from Pitt about my tuition and it's wrong. They show that I paid tuition twice which is correct, but it says that some of that money was towards 2008. So in actuality I paid 3 times - twice for 2007 and once for 2008.

I also took a class at the community college. It was only $380 and I forgot that I could get the credit for paying tuition for that class. I still haven't gotten the form showing me how much I can deduct from that class. At least $50 of that money was for fees but I'm not sure exactly how much. I threw the paper away already with that information on there. I'm mad at myself because that's something I never usually do.

I'll just be glad when the paperwork all comes in so I can file my taxes and be done with it.

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