Monday, February 11, 2008

Celebrities are out of control

I didn't watch the Grammy's last night. From everything I've heard, it was a good show. I don't like award shows anymore because it seems to be a license for celebrities to act a fool.

As expected, Amy Winehouse won the Grammy for Best New Artist. She didn't get her Grammy in person though. Her original visa application was denied by the U.S. Embassy in London because of her drug addiction. They later overturned their decision but by then it was too late. Amy could have gotten a flight to the U.S. but would have been jet-lagged during her performance. She performed on the show via satellite.

Everyone from Britney Spears to Lindsey Lohan has entered into a long term drug rehab because of their drug use. Even Eva Mendes has gone into rehab for alcohol abuse. Apparently she started drinking to calm her nerves before she shot a love scene. She's out now and doing better but addiction can hit anyone.

People look at celebrities and think that they're life is perfect when in reality it's not. They are under so much pressure to be "perfect" and the least little slip up can cost them their careers. That's why it's important for parents to talk to their children about drugs. Too may kids use celebrities as their role models. They grow up thinking if so-and-so does it that's it's cool.

I just hope some of these people get their lives together. They have their whole lives in front of them and they're just throwing it away.

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