Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I thought I was ready to do my taxes

I do my taxes myself online. I don't have a complicated return so I file them myself. It usually takes me just under an hour to finish everything. I have several W-2's plus interest and dividend statements to add up. I also have deductions for student loan interest as well as the Lifetime Learning Credit. My taxes shouldn't be too hard but they will be a little time consuming.

So I'm all ready to do my taxes today right? Nope. I use the same company every year. To file online, you need your AGI and pin number from last year. I forgot to write them down. Now I have to go home and go in my storage to dig the paperwork out. I do keep them for the 7 years you're supposed to, but that doesn't mean I keep them in a convenient place.

Oh well, maybe I'll get them done this weekend.

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